Furniture manufacturing

Another area in which Protelco S.A. has developed its activity since 1999 is the design, production and assembling melamine furniture.

The main services offered by our company is:

  • Offer full support for interior spaces (furniture design)
  • Surveys for interiors
  • Design and layouts for furniture execution
  • Execution of small and medium series furniture for public spaces (gallery, showrooms etc)
  • Assistance and supervision throughout execution and deployment process. We also provide transportation
  • Full services of delivery, installation (including chairs, mattresses, refrigerators, full kitchens etc.)
  • After sales services including warranty.

Our personal consist in 18 highly trained employed, 4 of them with university degrees. We provide high quality level for all company activities.

It can be said that the Protelco S.A. has a skilled and specialized employees able to perform high quality work within deadlines agreed with our clients, managing to gain the trust of business partner. There are some of the most important clients: S.C. SVF CONSTRUCT S.R.L., S.C. MATS MANAGEMENT S.R.L., S.C. LIBERTY PROMOTION S.R.L., S.C. SERDAN MANAGEMENT S.R.L. . Also, our company produces melamine furniture for houses or small businesses.

Our offer includes high quality furniture, modern or retro colors various styling at affordable price. Higher quality at affordable price is our motto.